From the Courts
March 19, 2010
Prison Chief: Cell phones in prison still a problem

The issue of cellular phones infiltrating security at Her Majesty’s Prisons continues to be a thorn in the sides of prison authorities.{{more}}

Chief Prison Officer Brenton Charles confirmed this on Tuesday this week at the closing of the Criminal Assizes at the High Court.

Charles who presented the prison status for the closing of the Assizes stated that they are bombarded with cellular phones being thrown over the walls of the prison from the Paul’s Avenue area. “That’s our major challenge,” Charles conceded.

He further noted that efforts are being made to combat the problem by way of regular searching exercises.

Commenting on the matter, presiding judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle said that although the cellular phone is one of the greatest pieces of technology around, it is also one of “the most dangerous instruments in the world today.”