From the Courts
March 12, 2010
Badnock pleads guilty to burglary

When Luther Badnock appears at the High Court, he will be sentenced for a series of burglaries.{{more}}

Badnock, 27, of Old Montrose pleaded guilty to four counts of burglary. He appeared before Senior Magistrate Donald Browne at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday, March 8, 2010.

Prosecutor Station Sergeant Glenford Gregg made an application to the court for Badnock to be sent to the High Court for sentencing. Magistrate Browne upheld the application and Badnock was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison.

Badnock is said to have entered the Robert Rapture Building on Lower Bay Street and burglarized a number of business houses, including the office of the Upper Room Ministries owned by Juliette Campbell of Queen’s Drive. He also broke into a restaurant owned by Campbell, G.B’s Variety Store and stole items valued over $700. Badnock also stole a quantity of office supplies from Phillips Office Machines valued at $500.

The court heard that the police received a report that someone was seen in the building. When the officers visited the building, Badnock was caught red-handed leaving the building with a number of items.

A search of Badnock found a black facemask along with the items.

In 2004, Badnock was charged for the murder of policeman Elson “Racka” Richardson. The charge was later withdrawn and he made state’s witness for the prosecution.