From the Courts
October 16, 2009
Shallow’s appeal rejected

Hazron Shallow had very few grounds on which he wanted the OECS Court of Appeal to consider reducing his 15-year prison sentence, so he had his appeal quashed.{{more}}

Shallow, 20, was sentenced on May 7, 2009, by the High Court after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary and wounding with intent.

In turning down his appeal, the Court of Appeal described Shallow’s act as vicious and said that he needed to change from a life of crime.

The facts as revealed at the High Court trial are as follows: The victim secured her home and went on a church picnic. She later returned home about 7:30 pm and secured the house and went to bed. During the night, she felt someone choking her. The woman began to wrestle with the person whom she observed was a naked man with a T-shirt tied around his head and covering his face. During the struggle, she managed to grab on to his penis and squeeze it.

Shallow stabbed her with a knife, under her eye, while she was still holding on to his penis. He demanded that the woman release him, but she told him she would only do so if he let her go. He subsequently fled the scene.

The court said, based on the circumstances, they could not reduce his sentence. Shallow was told to use his time in jail to change his ways so that he can be reformed when he comes out.(KW)