From the Courts
July 3, 2009
Bowman’s Coroner’s Inquest adjourned

Friends and family of the late Pasty Bowman will have to wait until Tuesday, September 1, 2009, for a possible conclusion of the Coroner’s Inquest into her death.{{more}}

The inquest was expected to continue on Friday, 26 June, 2009, at the Serious Offences Court. However, when all parties arrived, they were told by the Chief Magistrate Sonya Yong that the inquest had to be adjourned as a juror had been hospitalized and was recovering from surgery at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. Magistrate Young related that court legislation dictates that the case cannot continue with the absence of a juror. As a result it was adjourned.

Patsy Bowman, 67, was crushed to death at Ratho Mill, after a retaining wall owned by Businessman Alex Jack collapsed on her while she was driving by in her vehicle.

The coroner’s inquest, which started on May 25, 2009, has heard evidence from ten witnesses so far. When the inquest continues on September 1st, Trinidadian Civil Engineer Kerrin Burgess will be cross examined by counsel, and the investigating officer in the case will also give evidence.(OS)