From the Courts
February 6, 2009
Chief Justice disappointed with record keeping practice

Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Hugh Rawlins is of the view that a closer look should be taken at how records are kept involving court matters.{{more}}

Rawlins was at time responding to an appeal case, which was brought to the court by Counsel Emery Robertson Sr.

Counsel Robertson was surprised when he learnt that the cassette recording for the matter, which was brought before the court prior to the sitting of the Court of Appeal could not be found.

Rawlins said that such a setback does not look good for the court process by having persons waiting so long for their appeals to be heard. In addressing the court, Robertson said that it needed more stenographers to help with the record keeping.

The Chief Justice said that more has to be done so that it does not turn into a recurring problem. “I think there is a need for training to be done in court reporting. I also think that it is something that has to be explored inside and outside of the service,” Rawlins stated.

Rawlins made an order that the Registrar take all the steps immediately to have the notes on the trial of the case reproduced from the judge’s notebook. Also, that the solicitors file the evidence that is reproduced with a supplementary record by March 31, 2009.

The matter was adjourned to the sitting of the next Court of Appeal in June of this year.