From the Courts
January 30, 2009
Men claim weed was for jam, tea

Jam making and asthma were the excuses brought before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday, January 26, when two persons, among others, were charged with possession of cannabis.{{more}}

Sheffield Haynes pleaded guilty to having in his possession 1441 grammes of cannabis with intent to supply. When asked by Senior Magistrate Donald Browne what the weed was for, Haynes replied: “I does boil it and drink it” to help with his asthma, to which Browne responded: “I don’t think you ever wheeze a day in your life.”

Haynes was fined $1,000 to be paid in 14 days or spend one year in prison.

In another instance, Martin Warren, a 57-year-old shoemaker of New Montrose, claimed he intended to use his 296 grammes of cannabis to make Jam.

Warren was found with the controlled substance on January 23 when he was searched by police officers at Mount Wynne.

The accused explained how he intended to make the jam, which was nothing unusual to the court. According to Magistrate Browne, he heard how to make wine with the same drug a few weeks before.

Warren was fined $850 to be paid in one month or serve six months in prison. (OS)