From the Courts
January 30, 2009
Magistrate: ‘You’re doing a super job’

Senior Magistrate Donald Brown commended the police on the execution of their job in light of several drug possession charges brought to his court on Monday, January 26.

“You are doing a super job, and you have my commendation,” Brown told the police officers.{{more}}

The Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday saw over nine cases involving possession of controlled substances – over 2000 grammes of cannabis and one rock of cocaine.

Persons brought before the court were found with drugs on and between January 23rd and 25, 2009. Included in the group was Bertram Millington, a 68-year-old farmer of Calder, who pleaded guilty to possession of 234 grammes of cannabis on Friday, January 23, 2009. Millington was fined $750 to be paid in one month or spend nine months in prison.

Also pleading guilty was 20-year-old Fitz-Moore Edwards, of Redemption Sharpes, who was found with 195 grammes of cannabis on the January 24, 2009. He was fined $500, and $300 was paid immediately. Edwards has seven days to pay the remainder or spend six month in prison.

Jarvis Browne, of Penniston, will have to pay $750 in two weeks or spend nine months in jail for the possession of 232 grammes of cannabis. Browne pleaded guilty to having the illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, Vanley Phillips, of Campden Park, who pleaded guilty to cultivating 1000 cannabis plants, will pay $500 in six months if he wants to avoid nine months of imprisonment. (OS)