From the Courts
January 23, 2009
Witness faints

The Georgetown MagistrateS Court had a break from its normal routine on Monday, January 21, when a woman fainted while in the witness box.{{more}}

Swift action by Police offices present in the courtroom prevented the woman from falling on her back.

The woman, who had brought a matter to the court about a tenant who was not paying a water bill, was, just before fainting, complaining to Magistrate Lester Caesar that the matter was causing her too much stress and her heart is not “good”. She told him that she wanted the accused put off her property.

Not too long after she uttered those words, the woman was seen falling. A relative and Police officers rushed to her assistance. The male relative massaged her with rubbing alcohol while crying and praying. He said “You see what you causing? You dangerous.”

The tenant was heard saying that the action was “fake”.

The court was adjourned for five minutes while several Police officers carried the complainant outside and transported her to the Georgetown Health Centre.

After the commotion died down, the court was called back to order and the tenant was called to the witness box.

Magistrate Caesar ordered her to leave the woman’s property. The tenant asked the Magistrate to give her some time to find another place. She was ordered to leave the premises on or before March 23. (VM)