From the Courts
June 6, 2008
Duo to stand trial for murder

After a tiring Preliminary Inquiry that nearly lasted a month, murder accused Rodney Roberts and Jason Henry were committed to stand trial in the High Court on a triple murder charge.{{more}}

One could have heard a pin drop at the Serious Offences on Tuesday when family members of the two accused heard Chief Magistrate Sonya Young state that there was enough evidence to send the matter to the High Court.

The two were charged with the murders of Reuben Small, 22, Ralson Omoro Bowens, 21, and Javon “John Wayne” Antoine, 20, which occurred on August 9, 2007, at Lowmans Hill Leeward.

Magistrate Young overruled the no-case submission made by defense counsel Arthur Williams and said that there was definitely a case for both men to answer.

The matter which came to close the previous day but had to be halted because of the power outage in Kingstown saw the two men vent their anger and frustration while seated on the prisoners bench. “Them ha we lock up here and we ain do nuting, me doh like dem scene here yu na,” they stated.

All Henry could do on Tuesday was hold his head down while awaiting the Magistrate’s decision, while Roberts stood with a blank look on his face. The family of the accused men sat with teary eyes and looked for long periods at them. Their seemingly sad state quickly transformed into anger which spilled into the streets. “God go geh we justice, dem aint kill nobody. Weh dem send de matter High Court fa?” they shouted. (KW)