From the Courts
January 25, 2008
State witness back in court again

Former accused turned State Witness Carlo “Bondo” Free, 28, farmer of Sion Hill, found himself in familiar territory on Monday, when he was hauled before the Serious Offences Court to answer Criminal charges.{{more}}

Free was arrested and charged with possession of an unlicensed 9mm firearm and 10 rounds of ammunition at the Victoria Park last Friday.

Free pleaded not guilty to both charges and was remanded until yesterday for a bail review.

On Tuesday, Free was again present in the courtroom, this time to answer to three different charges.

He was charged with the use of threatening language to Police Corporal Vaughn Barker to wit: “Yo stinking …. All ah you ah go dead, even if I go jail. Ah go call ah shot pon all yuh and I cud get five cell phone in prison and ah must kill one ah you policeman.” The second charge was the use of indecent language to Corporal Barker to wit: “Barker, charge yo stinking …, go suck yo ….” Free was again charged with threatening language to wit: “Gonsalves go dead too, me ha f… people who loyal to me and will do anything fuh me. Ah head shot me ah deal wid.”

He also pleaded not guilty to these charges in the absence of his lawyer Ronald Marks. The matters were also stood down to yesterday.

On September 11 last year, Free was freed of a murder charge, in which he was jointly charged with Fitz-Allan “Wizzy” Bramble, 22, of Sion Hill and 21-year-old Redemption Sharpes resident Alaski “Beaver” Samuel.

The trio was charged for the murder of Ishmael Byron between April 29 and May 5, 2006. Byron’s lifeless body was discovered in the York Mountains in Campden Park with a single gunshot wound to his upper back.

Free was then called as State’s Witness, by the prosecution, to give evidence in the matter. After Free’s evidence, the prosecution closed its case against Bramble and Samuel.

However, Bramble was also freed of that matter and Samuel was committed to stand trial in this month’s Criminal Assizes in the High Court.