From the Courts
December 7, 2007
Convict: ‘I am begging you to give me Christmas outside, put me on bond’

It’s the first time in 29 years that Garnet Greaves will be spending Christmas a free man. This, after he was placed on a six months bond, following his plea of guilty to stealing a quantity of items valued over $2,000 belonging to Ieleene Gibson of Dorsetshire Hill.{{more}}

The 40-year-old Dorsetshire Hill resident was charged with stealing three 1gallon buckets of paint valued at $195, a quantity of cosmetics valued at $2280 and 2 pairs of ladies shoes valued at $500.

When the matter was brought before the Kingstown Magistrates’ Court on Monday, reports indicated that around 8:30 am on November 29, police officers on mobile patrol were on duty at Arnos Vale when they spotted Greaves with some of the items. They searched him and found the above-mentioned items, which he admitted to stealing.

“I am begging you to give me Christmas outside. Put me on a bond,” Greaves begged Senior Magistrate Donald Browne. “I never spent any Christmas outside,” he continued.

“Have you ever lived anywhere except prison?” Browne asked Greaves on Monday.

“I have a lot of things plant for myself, I mek a little mistake,” Greaves stated.

“Spend Christmas outside and buy your own ham!” Browne said to Greaves. (SB)