Magistrate Browne: You are a modern day Robin Hood
From the Courts
September 7, 2007

Magistrate Browne: You are a modern day Robin Hood

“You are one of the Modern Day Robin Hoods who goes around stealing from the rich to give the poor. When you buy presents for ladies you have to have money.”{{more}}

This was the advice that Magistrate Donald Browne gave to Anthony Glasgow, after he pleaded guilty to stealing two conditioning shampoos valued at $30 from Corea’s City Store on Tuesday, September 4.

Glasgow, a farmer of Fairbaine Pasture, entered the store around 8:30 am and took up two bottles of shampoo and put them in his pocket. While walking out the store, the alarm went off. He was then searched and the items were found inside his pants pocket.

“A lady told me to buy the shampoo for her,” Glasgow told the Court. “I am satisfied that I made a big mistake. I will make a promise not to come before you again with this type of offence,” Glasgow stated in his defence.

He also pointed out to the Court that he has many pigs at home and he tries to stop stealing. He, however, said it was his lady who got him into this position, and from now on he is going to keep the lady as his enemy.

After listening to Glasgow’s defence, Browne pointed out to him that the lady only asked him to purchase the shampoo for her and not for him to go and steal from the store, hence he cannot keep the lady as an enemy.(SB)