Three years for ammo, gun possession
From the Courts
July 6, 2007
Three years for ammo, gun possession

Pleading guilty to a gun possession charge, David Williams now has a new home for the next three years.{{more}}

Williams, 50, of Cane Grove was arrested and charged with having one shotgun in his possession and 78 grams of cannabis on Monday July 2.

He pleaded guilty to the cannabis charge on Monday at the Serious Offences Court and was fined $300 forthwith by Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman or in default will spend 10 days in prison.

The facts given in the matter stated that Police executed a search warrant at the defendant’s home and found the firearm and the cannabis in one of the rooms. Williams admitted that the gun and drugs belonged to him. He was then arrested and charged with the offence.

Williams told the court, “I was trying to fix the gun and I tek the drugs and mek tea,”.