From the Courts
May 18, 2007
Van driver charged $1200 for cannabis possession

Visibly in pain from a foot injury and carrying a pair of crotches to provide support, Kenneth Barzie sat and listened as Chief Magistrate Churaman fined him $1200 for marijuana possession.{{more}}

The 33-year-old van driver of Diamond was arrested and charged with having 382 grams of cannabis and cultivating two plants of cannabis on March 14. He has to pay the fine by July 31 or he will go to prison for four months.

A search warrant carried out by Drug Squad at the defendant’s home found one bucket under his bed and another one in the yard. Both contained marijuana.

The defendant said that since injuring his foot, he had no source of income, as he could not drive.

“Like how I ain wukin, is jus to help out de situation,” explained Barzie.