From the Courts
April 13, 2007
Police intercept drugs thrown over Prison wall

The Prison Department has once again curtailed the flow of drugs entering the Prison compound.

On Wednesday, Assistant Superintendent of Prisons, Linus Goodluck told the Agency for Public Information that a quantity of drugs which had been thrown over the Prison walls from the back of Paul’s Avenue had been intercepted.{{more}}

These drugs, he said, were thrown over on the prison compound by former inmates. According to Goodluck, the drugs were collected over a period of time but the biggest haul was made on Saturday April 12, 2007 and was picked up by an officer stationed at the back of the Prisons.

He noted that the packages were labeled for inmates of the prison and also included cellular phones, cigarette lighters and matches.

Meanwhile ASP Goodluck believes that the facility in Kingstown has outlived its purpose and is not conducive for the programmes that they want to implement at the Prisons.

He is however hoping that the new facility at Belle Isle will be completed soon. This he said would help to alleviate most of the problems at the Prisons. (API)