From the Courts
March 8, 2007
Codougan charged $900 for cannabis possession

Osbourne Codougan, 24, of Sion Hill has until April 5, to come up with $900 or he will go to jail for six weeks.

He pled guilty at the Serious Offences Court on Monday to having 359 grams of cannabis on March 3 at Villa.{{more}}

Special Services Unit (SSU) officers were on mobile patrol in the Villa area. The defendant was seen wearing camouflage pants, a dark coloured shirt and back pack on his back.

Having recognised the police transport, Codougan began running and was later apprehended.

A search carried out on Codougan found 2 brown taped packages with a substance appearing to be that of cannabis in the bag. When cautioned by the officers he replied, “Is a man in Vermont gimme de weed.”