Accused burglars’ case goes to High Court
From the Courts
February 23, 2007

Accused burglars’ case goes to High Court

Samuel Browne, an 18-year-old labourer of Mesopotamia and Basheba Browne, 26 of New Prospect are set to go to trial in the High Court as enough evidence was laid against the two on Tuesday at the Serious Offences Court on a burglary charge.

The two were also charged along with Tishell Browne and Suggie Thomas for entering the cottage house of Wolfgang and Lorna Damn of Canada between May 22 and June 25.{{more}}

However the evidence that was laid against Tishell Browne and Suggie Thomas proved tenuous and the charge against them was dismissed.

The court heard that Browne and Thomas entered the house at Biabou and walked away with household items including television sets, crockery, cutlery, clothing among others valued at EC$7446 and EC$200 cash.

The married couple said that they usually bring items in boxes from time to time to put in the cottage. They said that they left a relative in charge of the house while they were in Canada. The Damns told the court that their relative did not live there, but checked on the house regularly. They said they returned to St Vincent after receiving the telephone call that the house had been broken into.

Acting on information received, the defendants were arrested by the police and charged.