From the Courts
February 2, 2007
Medicinal marijuana cost man EC$10,000

On Tuesday at the Serious Offences Court, Stubbs resident Azziah Cyrus claimed that he uses marijuana as a cure for his ailments.

This however did not sit well with Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman who fined him $10,000 for having 3748 grams of cannabis (8.2 pounds) in his possession on January 29.

He was given until April 20 to pay, failure would result in a 12-month prison sentence.{{more}}

The Rapid Response Unit (RRU) was on duty in the Stubbs area when the 26-year-old craftsman was seen walking in the company of another man. When he saw the police he began to run and was later caught.

A search was carried out, and a green bag with two taped packages was found in a bag he was carrying. The officers cautioned him and he replied, “Ah weed day in dem, ah Georgetown mountain we bring dem from.”

Cyrus explained to the court that he suffers from nausea and he uses the marijuana for that purpose. “Your honour I dus only use it fo cure lil’ ailments and ting na” said Cyrus. He paid $3000 forthwith to the court.