From the Courts
January 12, 2007
‘I was sent for them’

A simple errand for a friend cost Asique Caine three months of his freedom.

Caine, 17, of Evesham pled guilty to having 1,743 grams (3.84 pounds) of cannabis in his possession as he appeared in the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday.{{more}}

On January 5, police were conducting a routine stop and search on vehicles in the Wallilabou area when a van in which the defendant was travelling was summoned to stop. The officers told Caine to get out of the van and requested a search.

Three taped packages were found in a bag, which he was carrying. He was cautioned and replied, “Is a man sen me leeward for them.”

To add salt to his wound, he was slapped with a further two months for breaking a two months suspended sentenced for a similar offence. The sentences would run concurrently.