Sick of men beating women
From the Courts
December 1, 2006

Sick of men beating women

Making himself abundantly clear to everyone seated at the Magistrate Court on Tuesday, outgoing Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne did not hold back his tongue and expressed his utter disgust at men who consistently beat up on their women.

“I have no discretion for men who come before me charged for hitting a woman.” At the time, Browne was speaking to Andre Bowens, a labourer of Rose Place whose girlfriend indicated to the Court that she did not desire to go further into the assault charge brought against Bowens.

“You see why she did that? It is because she loves you.”

Magistrate Browne warned that he will bring down the full weight of the law on him or any other man who is brought before him again for hitting a woman: “If you come before me for this again, I will give the full penalty which is stated in the law books.