Peniston man missing
From the Courts
November 17, 2006

Peniston man missing

A Peniston man has been dealt a double blow within a matter of hours.

It was last week Tuesday that Ronnel Kirby got a dreadful telephone call informing him that his mother had passed away.

He then telephoned father, Withman “T-Whoop” Hamilton, who does not live with him and his mother, to inform him.{{more}}

He told SEARCHLIGHT that it came as a shock to his father and that was the last he heard from him.

T-Whoop has not been seen since then and police were still conducting a search, up to news time for the missing man.

“I think that my mother’s death was a shock to him, but right now I don’t know what to think happened to my father,” the depressed Ronnel told SEARCHLIGHT.

According to the police they and various members from the community conducted several searches in the area, but there was no success.

The police are planning to conduct more searches for the resident.

“T-Woop” provides a freighting service with his blue pick-up and operates from outside the Coreas Hardware.

He has six children.