From the Courts
November 10, 2006

South Union man pleads guilty to manslaughter

Brian Tittle will know his fate on November 17 when he is to be sentenced for a manslaughter charge.

Tittle, 43, a mason of South Union, appeared at the High Court on Tuesday at the Criminal Assizes and pled guilty to manslaughter.

He was convicted for causing the death of his father, Isaac Pompey, also of the same residence on September 28, 2004.{{more}}

Tittle’s trouble stemmed from an altercation between both men approximately a month before his father took his last breath.

Reports are that on August 27, 2004 Tittle came home to meet his parents in a heated argument over a fan. He told his father to calm down but he started cursing him and then pointed a pistol at him. It was later said that Pompey pulled a cutlass at Tittle and started an onslaught of chops about his body where he received injuries. The matter was reported and Pompey was placed on a two-year bond for the offence.

Tittle said he was dissatisfied with the sentence passed and went home and told his mother the outcome of what transpired. It was said that the defendant went into the kitchen and took up a manure bag and placed something in it. He said he went to the Subway bar in South Union when his father got out of a vehicle in the same area where he was. An altercation developed between the two and Pompey received a chop across his chest and other areas of his body.

He was taken to the Biabou clinic where he was pronounced dead.

His Lawyer, Nicole Sylvester, asked for the sentencing to be adjourned because she wanted to submit certain reports. Sentencing and mitigation is set for November 17, 2006.