Four charged for Sharpes robberies
From the Courts
June 23, 2006
Four charged for Sharpes robberies

When armed robbers hit Wendell Antrobus’ bakery at Redemption Sharpes last Saturday night, two days after robbing another bakery owned by

his brother Douglas Antrobus, they never expected to be caught and that one of them would get a beating.{{more}}

Vernon John, the driver/salesman for Douglas’ bakery was robbed at gunpoint just outside the bakery on Thursday, June 15, shortly after 10 p.m.

“By the time I step down from the steps a gun was pointed straight at my forehead. All I heard was ‘pass it’. I thought it was a dream,” said John who had just returned from a sale.

John said a masked man made off with over EC$1,000. Before the gunman vanished in the dark behind the bakery the gun went off as he lowered his hand to take firm grip of the bag with the cash, mainly coins.

The incident was reported to the police.

Then came Saturday night. Wendell had just received the day’s sale when he was attacked at his bakery by masked men close to 9 o’clock. A bullet was fired at him as he was told to pass the cash. The proprietor said he started running when two other shots were fired at him, one hitting worker Rueben Wynne is his left arm.

Recalling the frightening experience, Wendell said: “I throw the money on the ground and as the masked man try to grab it, I jump on him and grabbed the hand with the gun. One of my sons came and hold him on the ground and we unmasked him.”

The man behind the mask was reportedly identified as Fitz-Allan Bramble. Unfortunately Wendell was unable to retrieve the cash as a second masked man hit him a severe blow to the head as he wrestled with the first masked man. The second masked man made off with the money.

It is claimed that residents of Redemption Sharpes decided to teach the robber that was unmasked a lesson. He received a sound beating before the police arrived on the scene and arrested him.

Four young men have since been arrested and charged in connection with the robbery of Wendell’s bakery.

The four men: Fitz-Allan a.k.a. ‘Little Terror or Wezzy’ Bramble, Kimron McDowall, Morris Clifton, and Rashan King were charged on June 19, 2006, for allegedly robbing businessman Wendell Antrobus of $3, 454.

The men appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate Court last Monday and were not allowed to enter a plea due to the seriousness of the matter.

Inspector David Hazelwood objected to bail owing to the fact there was a firearm involved. They were all remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison and are scheduled to return to court on July 25, 2006.