From the Courts
April 28, 2006

Teenager charged for robbing minivan

Roger Bramble,17, of Sion Hill, appeared in court on a charge of robbery.

The accused was charged with robbing Minibus HL703 on March 9, 2006, at around 8 p.m. {{more}}

The witness, who was the conductor on the van, told the court that the van was coming from Arnos Vale where they had stopped to buy gas. He said while approaching Casson Hill, someone signaled the bus to stop. He said the van stopped because they thought it was a passenger.

“When the van stopped I saw someone with a bandana just above his eyes and a hat pulled over it,” James said. He said the accused pulled a silver gun from his waist and started to pull the purse containing $130 from him. “After I saw him pull the gun, I told the driver to drive, because I was scared.” The witness said the accused fled with the purse down the steps leading into the Walvaroo area of Sion Hill.

The Preliminary Investigation into the matter continued yesterday at the Serious Offences Court.