Lowmans man missing
From the Courts
April 21, 2006

Lowmans man missing

Nixon ‘Bump I’ Rose, a 37-year-old Lowmans Leeward man is missing and close relatives are fearing that the worst may have befallen him.

Thaddeus Duncan, known in the entertainment circles as ‘Observer’ related news of his nephew’s disappearance.

The last time Duncan saw Rose was March 23. And Duncan has reasons to be suspicious. {{more}}

Duncan made a report that Rose was missing to the Questelles Police almost three weeks ago, and he has been assured that the matter is being investigated. Duncan suspects “foul play” in his nephew’s disappearance.

Rose was sent home from the USA in 1995. Since then, life for him has had its ups and downs. He resorted to farming to earn a living.

Duncan looks at the situation as “real dread.”

Rose is the only son of Pearl Cox, Duncan’s sister.

Rose’s no-show adds to other incidences of persons from the Lowmans Leeward area said to have gone missing.

A skeleton was found in an area known as ‘Gun Hill’ recently, but there has been no identification of that discovery. Another man whose name has been given as “Junie” has also been reported ‘missing’ for some time.