From the Courts
April 7, 2006
Chandler worried about justice system

Peter Chandler is a tailor, carpenter, mechanic, auto body repairman, and he recently acquired savings through entrepreneurial skills.

But he is also a worried man. It has to do with his relationship with the Police.

The Police have two cars belonging to him in their possession. According to Chandler, in April last year he was washing down his vehicle P. 305 at Argyle.

Chandler claimed several police officers rushed upon him and that he ran.{{more}}

“Twenty five minutes later I come back, Police gone with the car,” Chandler said.

Thursday March 23, the Police seized PD 485, a Mark Two. That time, David ‘Earthquake’ Laidlow was driving.

Laidlow was taken into Police custody and released after three days. He was not charged, but was told that the owner had to come to collect the car.

According to Corporal Ince from the Public Relations and Complaints Department, Police investigations into certain crimes can go on for long periods.

Laidlow admitted that he borrowed the car from Chandler’s fiancée. Chandler is not happy over the way the Police are treating him.

“They tell me if I want my car I have to go to the Police,” Chandler said.

Chandler is concerned about the provision of justice here.

“The justice system ain’t right,” he declared.

Chandler was released from prison November 18, 2002. His rehabilitation has not been smooth.

He confessed that he received help from some persons and through business operations, acquired finances to restart his life. His investments increased, to include selling vehicle parts bought in Trinidad and Tobago. But his woes have increased similarly.

$8,000 was confiscated on a return from a trip to Trinidad and Tobago. A number of items have been removed from his home in Paul’s Avenue ostensibly in efforts to assist Police with investigations into crimes.

Chandler expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which the items were taken away without any proper records by the Police.

“I want the Police to leave me alone,” he said.

“If they know I do something, charge me,” he declared.

Chandler thinks that his treatment is as a result of his past. He recounted a visit by Police to his home at Paul’s Avenues when they took a number of items including three cell phones.

Chandler believes that the Police are targeting him: “It ain’t hah no body in St. Vincent and Grenadines who could say they does see me doing anything. They (are) harassing me day in day out. I have to be looking over my shoulder like some criminal,” Chandler asserted.

Chandler wants to know why the Police are impounding his vehicles.

“My cars are not involved in anything. Leave me alone,” Chandler added.

Father of four children, Chandler pointed out: “My daughter grow up when I been in jail. I want to see my son grow. What I want to go jail and sit down for?” he queried.

As far as Chandler is concerned: “The justice system ain’t right.

“Justice is not for the poor man. Until you get in trouble one time with the law that is it.”