From the Courts
December 23, 2005
Security guard guilty of theft

While others will be enjoying the Christmas holidays at home, Roger Hamilton will be spending the next three months at her Majesty’s Prison.

Hamilton, a Security Guard at Corea & Co. Ltd, was charged for stealing three bottles of Bailey’s Irish Cream valued at $106.35 on December 13.{{more}}

When he appeared before Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph at the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown, he entered a plea of guilty.

It was stated that at about 6:45 p.m., the store manager observed the defendant leaving the store empty handed and later returning with a black plastic bag in his hand. Upon entering the door the anti-theft alarm system was triggered.

In his explanation to the Magistrate, Hamilton said, “Someone was packing the shelf and I asked him if he could organise me with two bottles.” He also said he told the other guards that he was going outside to come back. “I placed the bottles in the back where the garbage is stored,” said Hamilton.

As a result of the alarm sounding, the contents of the bag were searched. The police were informed and Hamilton was taken to the Criminal Investigations Department where he admitted to the theft. He however has no previous convictions.