Bid to bring back Dr. Rolla
From the Courts
October 21, 2005
Bid to bring back Dr. Rolla

One of the key players in the setting up of the Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard, Dr. Aldo Rolla, may soon be extradited to this country to testify about his dealings in that establishment.

Lawyer in that case, Anthony Astaphan made this announcement at a press conference on Wednesday October 12 at the Foreign Affairs conference room. {{more}}

Accompanied by the other lawyer in the inquiry, Joseph Delves, Astaphan noted that all will be done to ensure that Dr. Rolla cooperates.

He emphasised, “To get Dr.Rolla extradited we would have to institute a criminal investigation and proceeding against him. We have to get Dr.Rolla here one way or the other but it is not a matter of certainty that we will be able to get him here.”

He said the alternative would be for the Commission to hold hearings in the United Kingdom to get evidence from Dr. Rolla. Astaphan pointed out that even if that is done, it’s not certain that they could compel him to attend, “once he stays well hidden somewhere.”

The lawyer however made it clear that investigators have been in contact with Dr. Rolla but he could not reveal more on the matter.

Astaphan explained, “Once the evidence points in a certain direction and if Dr. Rolla is unwilling and we are unable to judicially get him in SVG, then the judge is absolutely free. Once the Judge is given the opportunity to make whatever findings may be necessary against Dr. Rolla and if it is a finding of criminality then it would be a matter entirely for the Director of Public Prosecution to institute the necessary process to get Dr. Rolla extradited to stand trial here.”

The Ottley Hall Inquiry is on hold pending a verdict from the Privy Council in a case brought against the Commission by former Chairman of the National Commercial Bank, Richard Joachim. Joachim is arguing that the Commission of Inquiry was not established fairly.