From the Courts
October 7, 2005
Youth must find $300 soon or spend time in prison

Kevin Butler was given a maximum of three weeks to come up with $300 or spend six weeks behind bars. He was also bonded to keep the peace for two years in the sum of $700 or six months imprisonment.

The 19-year -old man, along with Nicole Craigg and a 14-year-old boy, was charged with stealing a four burner stove, the property of Don Providence of Cane Garden between May 18 and 24 this year. {{more}}

All three pleaded guilty to the charge when they appeared before Senior Magistrate, Carl Joseph at the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown last Monday.

Butler told the court that he went to Cane Garden with the boy and Craigg to clean Providence’s house, where he saw the stove. He claimed his brother asked if the owner wanted the stove and he in reply, said he wasn’t sure.

He claimed that on returning to the house he didn’t see the stove and that Providence was asking for it. Butler also said he didn’t steal the stove and that it was at his brother’s residence at the time of his arrest.

When asked by the court what he was doing with Butler and Craigg, the 14-year-old boy said, “I jus go wit Kevin ah dem.”

Magistrate Joseph noted that Butler had a long list of previous convictions and he is only 19 years old. Nicole Craigg and the boy were, however reprimanded and discharged.