From the Courts
October 7, 2005
Lawyer can’t explain why client is missing

A bench warrant has been issued for a man wanted for attempted murder. His name is Othniel Bowens, the second of three persons charged with the offence. However, when the matter was called up last Tuesday, Bowens was nowhere to be found. {{more}}

Bayliss Frederick, the lawyer representing Bowens, couldn’t explain his absence.

Bowens is also charged with aggravated burglary.

Hassan Mohammed, Jayamma Srinivas along with Bowens are jointly charged with removing a number of items, including wristwatches, a passport, EC, and US currencies from Cane Garden on February 12, 2004.

Mohammed and Srinivas both pleaded not guilty. Mohammed was remanded in custody, but lawyer Arthur Williams appearing on Srinivas’ behalf, sought and obtained bail for her.

The court will be paying closer attention to a charge of placing explosives that was laid on Hassan Mohammed. The charge stems from an incident involving Ricky Ranjani of Cane Garden, owner of vehicle TJ883.

Mohammed, dressed in a white long sleeved shirt, black bow tie, and black trousers, closely resembled a well-dressed waiter or someone with a deep religious fervour when he made his entry to the dock.

The offence was committed between December 22 and December 30, 2003.