From the Courts
October 7, 2005
Assault on cop costs man $300

Ananias Jobe, a labourer of Campden Park, was given until October 21 to come up with $300 for assault and bodily harm to Police Corporal, Deloris Charles, or he will spend three months at her Majesty’s Prison.

A bond was also given to him to keep the peace for two years in the sum of $700 or six months in jail. He pleaded guilty to both charges when he appeared before Senior Magistrate, Carl Joseph last Monday at the Magistrate’s court in Kingstown. {{more}}

The incident took place on August 25, at Kingstown in the Bay Street area. Jobe told the court he was in a fight and someone struck him with a piece of board about his body.

Corporal Charles carrying out her duties, intervened to settle the dispute when Jobe turned and hit her in the chest. He told the court that he did not see or know the uniformed Charles was an officer when he hit her. He said there was more than one person attacking him and that he was trying to protect himself.

When Officer Charles tried to arrest the defendant, he resisted. He was, however, subsequently arrested and charged.