From the Courts
June 10, 2005
Woman pleads guilty to 32 counts of fraud

A former clerk with a Security company could spend three years in jail if she fails to pay back $11, 735.35 by December 20, this year. Justice Bruce-Lyle made the imposition last Tuesday at the February Assizes.

Bruce-Lyle chided the woman, Cassandra Huggins, for her recklessness when she appeared before him Tuesday. {{more}}

“You see the problems you have put yourself and your family into,” the judge said.

“You decide to be smart. You ended being foolish. Look at you now. When you do these things there are always far reaching consequences,” the Judge outlined.

He noted that the society was “unforgiving” and that Huggins had brought suffering on her children. She pleaded guilty to 16 forgery charges and a same number for using a false instrument.

If she fails to pay, her prison sentence will take into account that she had been on remand from January 2004.

Lawyer Samantha Robertson, representing the Human Rights Association, rose to mitigate on Huggins’ behalf.

Robertson noted that Huggins had pleaded guilty and had not wasted the court’s time.

Crown Counsel Candace Wyllie, representing the prosecution, pointed out that Huggins worked at a company from August 1, 2000 and was entrusted with responsibility including the issuing of cheques. But from July 2003, Huggins made out cheques to persons who previously worked with the company and in some instances others who never worked.