From the Courts
June 10, 2005
Legal twist to murder trial

The trial of two men on a murder charge has spawned a series of legal twists. At first, Ken Charles and Leonard ‘Toco’ O’Garro were jointly arraigned for murder. That was in relation to the slaying of accountant Ronald Lewis, who was buried in a shallow sandy grave on Mt. Wynne beach, Saturday April 14. {{more}}

Ken Charles was found guilty for his part in the offence. The Court of appeal on the other hand has ordered a retrial in O’Garro’s case, and it has to be heard by a judge other than Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle.

Ronald Marks is appearing on behalf of O’Garro, while the team of Nicole Sylvester and Duane Daniel is in Ken Charles’ corner.

Sylvester gave notice of a petition before the Privy Council in relation to Charles’ matter but Justice Bruce-Lyle is not going to take any risky decisions in relation to the hearing.

He prefers to await the outcome of the O’Garro matter before dealing with Charles.