Father and son on kidnapping charges
From the Courts
May 20, 2005
Father and son on kidnapping charges

A father and son, last Tuesday morning reappeared at the Serious Crime Court last Tuesday morning on abduction charges related to an incident on April 16, 2005.

The two accused are Ferrol Ottley, also known as Andy “Blacka” Bennett, who first appeared in court on April 19, and his son Iral Murray who appeared May 6. {{more}}

At least one other person is on the police wanted list in relation to the same incident. The police however, do not have a name, but can only identify him as ‘Fisher.’

The trio are allegedly connected to the abduction of Carl Sprott, a 40-year-old Chateaubelair farmer.

Sergeant Hazel Ann Jacobs, acting as Prosecutor, requested three weeks to allow the police to continue their investigations into the matter but Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman noted that the situation remained the same as two weeks ago when on May 6, Murray appeared in court. The Magistrate said she did not see why the arrest of a third person should impede the proceedings on the other two. She felt that he could be dealt with whenever he is arrested.

Chief Magistrate Churaman however, denied bail to Murray, owing to other charges he faced previously.

The bail application put forward by his father Andy Bennett, was expected to be dealt with yesterday, Thursday, May 19.

Bennett told the court that the complainant, his brother, owed him some money and that he (Ottley) had gone to him.

In his application for bail, Bennett pointed out that he lived at Rillan Hill and also at Chateaubelair, and that “people breaking into my property.” They have been remanded, pending further court appearances.

Both men represented themselves.