From the Courts
May 6, 2005
Employee found guilty of stealing oil

By Michael Johnson

A 39-year-old former employee of the St. Vincent Motors was found guilty of stealing two drums of oil.

The incident reportedly occurred around mid-day on June 15 2004, when Eldon Lynch acting on his own, called Leon Samuel, the owner of a block making company and told him that he has two drums of contaminated oil. {{more}}Samuel testified that he had known the accused since they attended the same school. He admitted to paying Lynch $1,000 by cheque for the two drums of oil. This claim was denied by defence lawyer Ronald Marks, who appeared for the accused.

This objection was put forward on the grounds that up to the date of prosecution no evidence of the cheque had been presented to the court.

Marks in defence of his client said that Samuel was not truthful to the court and quoted the old saying ‘something more in the mortar than the pestle’.

Magistrate Carl Joseph, handing down his judgment, charged Lynch, who had 20 years of service with St. Vincent Motors and held the position of Distribution Officer with the theft.

He said that Lynch must have had a good knowledge of the company’s rules and regulations, one of which stated that deliveries are done under three conditions: cash, credit and layaway. When dealing with layaway he said, the area in which Lynch was dealing with his customer must be supervised and the customer given a credit bill.

Magistrate Joseph concluded that that there was evidence of appropriation and attempted theft. Lynch was ordered to compensate the company $1936.60 – $300 to be paid forthwith with the alternative of three months’ imprisonment or $300 forthwith, with the balance to be paid by June 15, 2005 or nine months in jail.