Matters listed for next Assizes being compiled
From the Courts
April 15, 2005

Matters listed for next Assizes being compiled

A list of matters for the sitting of the next Assizes set for June 1 is already under compilation.

Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams has indicated that the number may be restricted to 30, 18 of them have already been fixed, carried over from the February session. {{more}}

Leonard ‘Toco” Ogarro and another man face a retrial for murder as a result of an incident at Mt. Wynne Beach April 12, 2002 in which accountant Ronald Lewis was killed.

Lawyer Nicole Sylvester has sought leave to file an appeal at the Privy Council against the conviction of Ken Charles who was found guilty of Lewis’ murder during the February sitting. He was originally scheduled to appear for sentencing.

Allwill Franklyn also faces a retrial for murder. His indictment stemmed from an incident at Dickson between November 12 and November 15, 2002. He is charged with the death of Pollinus Blucher.

Carlos DeShong’s faces a charge in relation

for the death of with David Delpesche which occurred in New Montrose May 14, 2003.

Pascal Williams’ indictment comes in relation to an incident at Sandy Bay between November 8 and November 11, 2003, in which Junior Franklyn was killed. Franklyn’s body was recovered from some bushes.

Five men, Hilton Bennett, Maxwell Phillips, Martin Phillips, Kenford Samuel, and Samantius Glasgow will have their trial in connection with the death of Cameron Arrindell heard. This 22-year-old framer originally from the North Central Windward village of Park Hill was killed in a shooting incident in Penniston August 6, 2003.

In a strange run of events, a body recovered in the North Leeward area last week was reported to be the brother of one of the accused, Hilton Bennett. Investigations are continuing into that incident.

In another matter, Kenneth Samuel is charged with the death of Mwata Wynne who was chopped at Arnos Vale April 22, 2004.

At least one other murder has been added to the June list. It involves Allan Small and Orde Patrick who face indictment in relation to the death of Carlson Williams who was chopped at Questelles on March 15, 2003.

Gregory Laborde and others are charged with attempted murder. Other matters include firearm and ammunition charge, unlawful sexual intercourse, wounding, rape, burglary and destruction of property.

Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams is expected to appear on behalf of the Crown while Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle is set to preside over the sitting.