From the Courts
February 4, 2005
Commissiong criticizes CCJ appointments

Experienced lawyer Bertrum Commissiong QC has expressed disappointment with the selection of some of the persons who would be serving on the bench of the newly-established Caribbean Court of Appeal.

Commissiong, at a special sitting of the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal last Friday, said he was “troubled in one respect about the court and he would be hypocritical if he did not admit his real disappointment. {{more}}

“If it is going to be as the court we expect it to be, the caliber of the judges should be like your Lordship. Unfortunately, however, that is not the case and we have to watch that very carefully”, he stated.

Commissiong was at the time paying tribute to Justice Adrian Saunders who is one of the five judges selected to serve on the CCJ. He further stated, “It might be, sir, that those persons who qualify eminently are reluctant to go forward, and shun public service – quite contrary to what you did”.

Meanwhile, the learned Queen’s Counsel has also expressed concern over the role the Privy Council is playing in the process leading to the establishment of the CCJ.

“It is ironic though that the geographical limiting jurisdictions of the court is at this time being considered by the very forum it is intended to replace. Because, if the Privy Council rules in favour of the opposition in Jamaica, it seems more likely than not that Jamaica will not sit as a member of the first court. That will be regrettable. It’s unfortunate indeed”, he said.