From the Courts
November 19, 2004
Lawyers to appeal Wilson’s conviction

Defence lawyer Nicole Sylvester has lost the first battle in the murder and attempted murder case involving her client, Harry Wilson.

But, the lawyer is confident she can be successful in the Court of Appeal. {{more}}

Minutes after Harry was convicted for murder and attempted murder, Sylvester told Searchlight last week Wednesday afternoon that an appeal would be filed against her client’s conviction on the basis of some of the directions to the jury by presiding judge, Justice Louise Blenmann.

Sylvester also said she would be raising the issue of the judge’s decision to continue the retrial, despite Wilson’s letter to the court on Tuesday calling for the discharge of the jury. This, as the accused Wilson had expressed concern that he would not get a fair trial because of an incident involving a juror.

Wilson’s request came after a juror allegedly exclaimed “Yes, Jesus” as his daughter, Shontelle, told the court in her evidence that her mother always taught her to tell the truth, because the truth will set her free.

Wilson refused to take the witness stand Tuesday, after the judge over-ruled the objection to the jury. He had requested that the jury be discharged and a new jury empanelled because he feared the existing jury had already been prejudiced.