From the Courts
October 15, 2004
Local terrorist jailed

“The sentences which should be imposed should reflect the fact that you terrorised the community”.

Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman made the comment as she imposed a number of sentences on thirty year old Lennox Phillips of Hadley’s Village last Friday.{{more}}

Phillips’ crime spree ended last week when police investigators nabbed him after he tried to have a quantity of Euro currency changed at a bank.

He is accused of committing at least thirty crimes between April and August this year. The crimes range from rape, aggravated burglary, criminal trespass to discharging of firearm and ammunition possession.

Reports said that when Phillips was apprehended, he pointed out to investigators various homes between Biabou and Mt. Pleasant which he had burglarised.

Police said last Friday that Phillips took them to his home and pointed to the root of a tree where they unearthed a plastic bottle in which a .32 H&R Magnum revolver was found. The weapon was loaded with ten rounds of ammunition.

Phillips pleaded guilty to seven charges last Friday. He was sentenced to a total of two years on four charges. His other matters, for which he pleaded guilty, were sent to the High Court for sentencing.

Chief Magistrate Churaman said the offences which she dealt with allowed her to impose the maximum sentence of two years.