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Child molester awaits sentence

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Accused child molester Gosnel Antoine, 49, of South Windward will know his fate next week Thursday.

Antoine pleaded guilty to having unlawful sexual intercourse with a twelve year old girl when he was arraigned at Tuesday’s start of the October sitting of the criminal assizes. {{more}}

The court heard that in May 2001, Antoine took the child to a bedroom, took her clothes off and had sexual intercourse with her and then gave her a dollar.

Defence lawyer Carlyle Dougan QC, who was holding for the Antoine’s lawyer Theo Browne, highlighted mitigating factors. He said the girl was twelve years of age, but she was very developed for her age. He asked for a non-custodial sentence, saying that the case was one which deserved the compassion of the case.

Defence lawyer Theo Browne said according to the evidence at the preliminary inquiry, the victim played with the accused’s pants and under such circumstance it was difficult for even an angel to resist such temptation. He contended that in the interest of justice the court should obtain a psychiatric report on the accused.

The sentencing phase of the case was adjourned to October 14, pending the presentation of the psychiatric report.