Brewster gets another sentence
From the Courts
October 8, 2004
Brewster gets another sentence

Twenty year old Dexter Brewster of Kingstown received another prison sentence when he pleaded guilty to robbery on Tuesday.

Brewster was accused of robbing the conductor on the bus, West Side, in June 2001. {{more}}

The court heard that at about 6.55 p.m. on June 1, 2001, the bus stopped in the area of Sion Hill to let out a passenger.

As the conductor, Cecil Findlay, came out a masked man rushed him and pushed him back in the van. The masked man then robbed him of about $400.

Brewster asked for the court’s mercy in light of the fact that he was partially paralysed.

Presiding Judge Justice Louise Blennman said she had to impose a sentence on Brewster because she had to send a strong message to potential offenders.

Brewster was sentenced to seven years. His sentence is to run concurrent to his ten year sentence imposed earlier this year.

In the February sitting of the criminal assizes, Brewster was sentenced to eight years for aggravated burglary and rape at BBB Bar. He appealed his sentence, but the Court of Appeal increased his eight year sentence to ten years.