From the Courts
September 10, 2004
Murders unsolved

Local investigators have little to boast about this year relating to their success in solving murders.
Last year detectives from the Major Crime Unit (MCU) within the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) boasted that they were able to solve 11 of the 12 murders committed for that year. But, this year, with twelve murders having already been committed in less than 9 months, and with only five having been solved, the CID officers are frustrated by lack of public co-operation.{{more}}
To add insult to injury, three murders committed over four days during the nation’s biggest cultural festivity still remain mysteries.
Those unsolved murders are, Enhams resident Vanester Lorraine whose body was found at Stubbs on April 9; Dwight Stapleton of Gibson Corner who was shot at Paul’s Avenue on June 7; Silma Wallace of Campden Park, whose body was found at White Chapel on July 3; Decima John of Carriere, who was gunned down July 5 at her home; Antonio Cuffy who was gunned down in Kingstown on July 6; Livingston Primus of Sion Hill, gunned down at Sion Hill on August 23 and Glen Robinson of Questelles, who was gunned down at Lowmans Hill on August 31.
Those solved include the March 15 killing of Carlson Williams of Questelles, who was hacked to death at Lower Questelles; the March 15 stabbing-death of Green Hill resident Ella Haynes; the April 22 cutlass-hacking of Mwata Wynne of Old Montrose at Arnos Vale and the June 4 stabbing-death of Cosbert Lett at Dauphine.