From the Courts
September 10, 2004
Dominican convicted for illegal drug possession

Dominican national Rawlin Rolle was on Wednesday imprisoned for possessing a narcotic substance with intent to supply.
Rolle was convicted by the Serious Offences Court and sentenced to 30 months for possessing a quantity of marijuana which was confiscated by local Coast Guard on Saturday 5 June, this year.{{more}}
A boat with a 200HP engine, captained by Dominican national Dawson James, was heading for open waters shortly after 1.00 p.m. on June 5 when it was intercepted at Richmond Point by a coast guard patrol boat. Three Vincentians and two Dominicans were arrested in the bust which netted a haul of 1,107 pounds of marijuana.
Vincentians Lennox John, 42, of Campden Park was charged with possessing 307 lbs of marijuana with intent to supply; Orlando Samuel, 25, of Argyle was charged with possessing 128 lbs of marijuana with intent to supply; Randolph Samuel, 22, of Campden Park was charged with possessing 105 lbs of marijuana with intent to supply; and Dominicans Dawson James, 36, and Rawlin Rolle, 24, were jointly charged possessing 567 lbs of marijuana with intent to supply.
When the men appeared before the court initially, Williams, who represented them all said that James, the captain of the boat, would accept responsibility for all the marijuana.
The defence lawyer told the court that, according to his “instructions”, James had the drugs in the boat and “he picked up the other men”.
Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman ruled then that in the circumstances James could not plead guilty to charges, which were laid separately against others. She said he could only plead guilty to charges that were laid against him.
The Dominicans were ordered remanded in custody and the three Vincentians were each granted cash bail of $10,000 and $20,000 with one surety. After they failed to meet the bail conditions, they too were remanded.
When the accused appeared before the Serious Offences Court on Monday 7 June they pleaded not guilty and were remanded in custody. But, when the matter was brought before the court again last week Wednesday, Rolle alone was convicted.