From the Courts
September 3, 2004
CID head calls for training

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Superintendent Ernest James has made a call for investigators to be exposed to more training and for better co-operation from the public in the fight against crime.{{more}}
“More training is needed for the police officers to deal with sophisticated criminals”, said James.
The CID head made the comment on Wednesday as he spoke with Searchlight on the issue of the number of unsolved murders for this year and particularly the increase in gun-related crimes.
The chief investigator said that there is concern that the public is not co-operating with the police in criminal investigations as some have expressed fear of potential consequences.
“The people are talking about witness-protection and they are not willing to come forward. It is best for the people to come forward to prevent what is happening in Jamaica. If the criminals know people are not going to come forward they will continue to commit crimes”.
Superintendent James also said that despite the Gun Amnesty held earlier, “a lot of guns are still surfacing” as “people have refused to give up guns”.
He is, however, asking those with unlicensed firearms to turn them in. He said persons turning in the firearms will not be questioned or prosecuted for being in possession of the weapon.
Meanwhile, even as there is concern over the need for training and the lack of proper co-operation from the public, the CID chief has expressed appreciation for the commitment and hard work by his investigators.
“They are hard-working. I can call them anytime. Even if they just return from a mission, once I call on them they are ready to go”.
James pointed out that the Major Crime Unit within CID, established January last year, is small in number, consisting of “just ten men”.
“More men are needed in this unit”, he said.
Police have so far solved only five of the twelve murders committed this year. Of the seven which are yet to be solved, five are gun-related. No gun killing this year has been solved so far.