From the Courts
August 27, 2004
Youth cuffed by father in court

“That offence is as serious as having the real thing. Being in possession of an imitation firearm is just as serious, in the view of the law, as having a real firearm. Because, no one is going to wait to find out whether it is a real firearm”.{{more}}
Those were the sentiments expressed by Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph as he admonished sixteen year old Enrico Jack before his parents Monday.
The Senior Magistrate had summoned Jack’s parents to the courtroom, after he pleaded guilty to possessing an imitation firearm.
Having informed Jack’s parents of the seriousness of the offence, the Senior Magistrate imposed a fine of $125 to be paid by September 30, this year.
After the fine was imposed on Jack, his father cuffed him in his head.
“Don’t do that. When he reaches home you can give him a thrashing. If he was under fifteen the court would have ordered a thrashing for him”, the Senior Magistrate told Jack’s father.
Jack’s father said he would pay the fine for him next week. As they left the witness box and were heading toward the courtroom door, Jack’s father scuffled him. But the police officers quickly intervened and ushered them out of the court.