From the Courts
August 27, 2004
Mother sent to prison for breaking house

A young mother of two was imprisoned Monday after she claimed she trespassed in a Gibson Corner residence “to provide” for her children.
Shereka Prince, a former Gibson Corner resident, was charged with entering the dwelling house with intent to commit the offence of burglary on August 17. {{more}}
When asked why she trespassed in the house, Prince told Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph that she was trying to provide for her children.
“Well, you won’t be providing for them for some time. Someone else will provide for them”, Senior Magistrate Joseph told Prince. “This is sheer worthlessness. You brought the children at one time to influence the court… people need to feel confident that they can leave their homes and go away”.
The court heard that on August 17, at about 9.00a.m. the owner secured the house and went away. About one hour later, she received certain information, which caused her to return home. She entered the house and went to her bedroom and found it ransacked. She also noticed that a window, which she had locked, was open.
Police said a neighbour saw Prince in the house and alerted the owner.
Police prosecutor Inspector Ekron Lockhart said Prince was taken before the court on two previous occasions and she was ordered then to give up the keys to the house. He said that on one occasion her sentencing was reserved so as to allow her time to give up the keys, but she refused to do so.
“Well, she has made up her mind that she would not give up the keys and she would enter the woman’s house. So, the court has also made up its mind that she won’t do so for some time”, the Senior Magistrate said.
On July 16, Prince was placed on bond to keep the peace for 9 months in the sum of $1,000.
Having been convicted Monday for the August 17 crime, her bond was activated. She was ordered to pay the $1,000 forthwith for the bond, with an alternative prison sentence of 9 months. For committing the crime, she was fined $300 forthwith, with an alternative sentence of three months.
Prince failed to pay the fine as ordered by the court.