From the Courts
August 13, 2004
Police officer assaulted

A twenty-six year old resident of Questelles is expected to return to the No.1 Kingstown Magistrate Court, today, Friday, to be sentenced for criminally assaulting a police constable.
Randy Walcott appeared before the court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to a charge of assaulting PC Derrick Humphrey on August 8.{{more}}
The court heard that officer Humphrey and Walcott’s cousin had an intimate relationship and they all lived in the same house. And, around 2.00 a.m. Walcott went home and awoke Humphrey. An argument arose and Humphrey left the house and went into the public road.
The court also heard that Walcott armed himself with a cutlass and followed Humphrey. He confronted Humphrey, pointing the cutlass in his face.
Police said Walcott threatened the officer, saying he wanted to shoot him and if he could’t get to shoot him he would chop him up. As a result, the police officer summoned help from the Questelles Police Station. When officers arrived, Walcott fled the scene with the cutlass. He was, however, subsequently arrested.
Walcott was ordered to collect his belongings from the house.