From the Courts
July 30, 2004

Man jailed for slapping vendor in face

Harris Dalzell, a labourer of no fixed place of abode, will spend the next month in jail. His sentence came last Monday when he pleaded guilty to assault.
Dalzell was accused of assaulting Florence Tucker of Largo Height on July 22. {{more}}
The court heard that Tucker, a vendor, arrived in Kingstown around 7:30 a.m. and was seeking assistance with her goods. A friend referred her to Dalzell but she declined, saying because of previous experience, she did not want him to work for her.
Police further said that Dalzell, who had a knife in his possession, became annoyed and approached the woman. He held on to her and slapped her, causing a contusion on the right side of her face.
Dalzell told the court he did not know how Tucker got the contusion on her cheek. He told the court that she had accused him of taking $5 from her and he became annoyed. He said he had the knife in his hand and he grabbed the back of her head with another hand.
Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph, having heard the evidence, said he believed Dalzell slapped Tucker. He asked Dalzell if he had any money to pay a fine, but Dalzell said no. He further asked him if he was gainfully employed and again Dalzell replied no. As a result, he imposed the custodial sentence on him.
Dalzell has also been charged with assaulting Tucker with intent to commit an offence on July 22. He has pleaded not guilty to that charge. He is scheduled to return to court for trial on August 16.