From the Courts
July 23, 2004
Sion Hill man jailed for assault

“You have a bad record, a very bad record… the attack on the defenceless lady was totally uncalled for”.
Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph made the comments as he imposed a nine-month sentence on Shaka Roberts, 23, of Sion Hill last Monday. {{more}}
Roberts, who has previous convictions for violence, theft and damage to property, was charged for assaulting Sylvia Bacchus of Sion Hill, causing her bodily harm on June 2, this year. He was found guilty.
Bacchus told the court that shortly after 4.00 p.m. that day, she was walking along the Sion Hill public road when Roberts approached her saying, “Yes, yuh (expletive). Your son pelt down stones in our yard and if he did hit me, ah woulda come up and chop up all ah you.”
Bacchus said she walked past him and stopped at Angela Bramble’s gate. While she was speaking to Bramble, Roberts continued arguing and as she retorted, he rushed up to her and pushed her into a nearby gutter. She said when she tried to get up; he kicked her in the forehead and slapped her in the face. When she sought refuge in Bramble’s yard, Roberts took a piece of wire and beat her about the body. She was, however rescued by Bramble’s brother.
Prosecution witness Angela Bramble supported Bacchus’ evidence.
Roberts told the court that he went to complain to Bacchus about her son and an argument ensued. He said there was a scuffle between both of them and Bacchus took a stone and struck him on a finger. As a result, he slapped her and that led to another scuffle. During the scuffle she fell into the gutter.
Roberts also admitted that he beat her with a piece of wire and that Bramble’s brother had to put him out of the yard.
He also told the court that he received injuries to his foot and finger and was advised by lawyer Cecil “Blazer” Williams to report the matter to the police so that he could get an Injury Report Form. But, he said, instead of getting an Injury Report Form to take to the District Medical Officer with a view to having a charge brought against Bacchus, he was arrested, charged and remanded in custody for some time.
Senior Magistrate Joseph said the evidence of Bacchus and Bramble was “quite clear” and he believed them. He said the prosecution had proven its case and he found Roberts guilty.