FIU. Drug Squad given ultimatum
From the Courts
July 16, 2004

FIU. Drug Squad given ultimatum

The Serious Offences Court has given the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the Drug Squad until next Wednesday, July 21, to make a proper application for the further retention of EC$10,000 or to return it to Brian Chandler of Paul’s Avenue, from whom it was confiscated earlier this year {{more}}
Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman gave the ultimatum Monday when corporal Foster Scott of the Drug Squad made a late application for the court to grant an extension to a previous order which expired on June 17.
The Drug Squad had seized the money at the ET Joshua Airport on March 17, this year, under Section 49 of the Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering Act of 2001. The court then granted order for the money to be retained until June 17 while the FIU investigated.
During his application, Corporal Scott told the court that the FIU needed more time for further investigations. But, he could not give clear explanation as to why the application for further retention of the cash was not made on or before June 17.
Asked if any charge had been brought against Chandler, he said no.
Asked why a senior officer from the FIU was not in court to make a proper application, Scott said ASP Rouzenthal Francis was due to leave the state later that day.
Chief Magistrate Churaman said she believed the FIU and the Drug Squad were misled into believing that the court would endorse an application without justifiable reasons. She said it was irregular in that the previous order had lapsed.
Chief Magistrate Churaman stated emphatically that an officer who could provide detailed information to the court should be in Court next Wednesday for the hearing.